What makes us significant?

My new book, coming out this November, is about our Significance –  about You, Me, Society & Life.   I would like some input from you on a few questions, but let me first share this:

This book is NOT about preaching, religion, denomination, judging of you or anyone else.
I am a sinner and so are you…
I am imperfect & flawed, so are you…
I have a past of wrongs, and so do you…

This book is about our life moving forward and starting now!

Like an iceberg, this is about the significant part of you and me – the 90% below the surface.   Along with a dozen friends, I wanted to share many things for many reasons; and ask a bunch of questions to make all of us grow.

It is a handbook for all ‘knuckleheads that walk this earth’, you, me, all of us. It is about thought, advice, tips, challenges and best practices from some pretty awesome people I am sharing with you.  It is a book that will cause you to think deeply about your walk in life, I promise.

    Starting now, how do we achieve a life of significance: perspectives on getting back to the basics, living a good life, dealing with life when it bottoms out and achieving significance by our’ ending’.  No requirement to be a Believer – there is plenty of secular and Godly practical thought to help anyone.

     If you have a minute and have not yet shared with me,

  • how do you measure your significance in this life?
  • what makes how you walk your walk important?
  • as you view others, what makes someone significant?

God’s best, Booker

*Want me to reserve a copy for you?


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